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No, I haven’t forgotten about this.

Random photos from the past few weeks. I need to take more photos, not only for my imaginary audience, but for me tooo.



IMG_5508 IMG_5588 IMG_5585 IMG_5582 IMG_5581 IMG_5580 IMG_5579 IMG_5578 IMG_5575 IMG_5574 IMG_5564 IMG_5541 IMG_5534 IMG_5532



David Huynh

Spring fwd.

Photos from the last two weeks.


Rodeo – Koolaid infused pickle was surprisingly tasty, some carnival games are impossible (but probably cause I suck), no one looks at you funny when you’re stuffing your face, and candy.

Lake House – There was a lot of drinking, and queso. A lot of queso. Oh, also went hiking.


IMG_5262 IMG_5268 IMG_5274 IMG_5287 IMG_5352 IMG_5362 IMG_5366 IMG_5368 IMG_5372 IMG_5374 IMG_5379 IMG_5386 IMG_5403 IMG_5261 IMG_5192 IMG_5215 IMG_5214 IMG_5197 IMG_5199 IMG_5236 IMG_5224



David Huynh


My best bud turned a year older. Celebrated with some close friends, Jenna was there in spirit. Also finally had ramen at Jinya. Blah blah blah, I prefer Tiger Den still.

Oh, and I made it official with the lady. w00t!


IMG_5054 IMG_5053 IMG_5051 IMG_5050 IMG_5049 IMG_5041 IMG_5032 IMG_5029 IMG_5028 IMG_5010 IMG_5005 IMG_4999 IMG_4998 IMG_4993 IMG_4988 IMG_5149 IMG_5142 IMG_5141 IMG_5137 IMG_5135 IMG_5132 IMG_5120 IMG_5107 IMG_5092 IMG_5079 IMG_5071


Love, peace, and chicken grease.



David Huynh

Birthday-Valentine’s 2016

Spent the weekend some amazing people, thanks for making it fun and memorable.


IMG_4909 IMG_4918 IMG_4919 IMG_4922 IMG_4929 IMG_4932 IMG_4940 IMG_4943 IMG_4944 IMG_4951 IMG_4953 IMG_4965 IMG_4968 IMG_4969 IMG_4971 IMG_4976 IMG_4979IMG_4905IMG_4981




David Huynh

New Moon, New Me

I spent the majority of my weekend eating, followed by family being there whilst eating and running errands. And also very proud of my niece for getting her pointe shoes. Great start to the month.


IMG_4754 IMG_4896 IMG_4893 IMG_4890 IMG_4878 IMG_4874 IMG_4871 IMG_4869 IMG_4858 IMG_4853 IMG_4845 IMG_4835 IMG_4829 IMG_4821 IMG_4803 IMG_4801 IMG_4762 IMG_4759



David Huynh

Louis Vuitton Don

My boy Don dolla turned a year older this past week, love that dude to pieces. I don’t see this guy enough, and even though we talk over google chat, I feel like a Japanese school girl when he’s around. I saw you get teary at the end of the thank you speech, you’re adorable. I hope you had a good one buddy, love you like a brother.




My arm candy is cute isn’t she =] Don ain’t too bad either.


Then while being extremely tired (from getting old, and going to two birthday parties two days in a row) dragged myself out of bed to get coffee with this hipster at a coffee shop I’ve always wanted to hit up.


Coconut and Espresso macarons in the background, nom.




David Huynh

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